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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • Most of the equipment is company owned leading to substantial savings in operation costs. Equipment resources include high-end total solutions, high precision surveying instruments.
  • We have large sophisticated centre for CADD with high end workstations, state-of-the-art software, printers and plotters. We also have large data bank, reference materials/ documents, publications, project reports and in-house customized software tools.
  • ORIMAN SURVEY TECHNOLOGY owns an aesthetically designed office measuring 40,000 sq. ft. in Balasore, Orissa. It has a campus like environment.

  • Customer satisfaction, on-time service and continuous improvement in products and services are major concern of ORIMAN’s business philosophy. Our quality policy ensures that high-class services are always rendered with full consumer satisfaction.


    Our quality control system is supported by:
  • Approved Management & Technical procedures
  • Selection criteria of surveyors & helpers
  • System & Design control and Registration document
  • File Management Document Identification
  • Upgrading of Knowledge and Skill standardization
  • Upgrading of Equipment and Instruments secured
  • Safe IT and CADD
  • Feedback from the clients and the sites

  • Quality Assurance System To ensure comprehensive project implementation activities carried out and to ensure complete compliance with the drawings, technical specification and various stipulations contained in contract document with high standard of quality assurance.
  • Responsible for timely implementation of the project.
  • Close monitoring of the project during all stages of survey work.
  • Main guiding force of the survey team at the site and maintains a watch on activities including quality assurance.
  • Close liaison and coordination with the employer.
  • Providing home office support required if any in implementation of the project.
  • To provide replacement/ reinforcement of the efficient team for completion of the work within the scheduled contract period.
  • Responsible for conduct & performance of the various personnel assigned.
  • To work as an agent of the employer in the process of implementation of the project.
  • To undertake regular site visits, responsible for all activities on site.
  • Helps employer to have full information & opportunity to their views in all matters.
  • Test checking of location of various chainage, start point, end point, and permanent structures cross drainage structures.
  • Test checking of benchmarks, co-ordinates and reference pillars, .B.M. etc.
  • Test checking of pre-work, post-work as well as during intermediate levels.
  • Test checking of setting out of various horizontal and vertical curves.
  • Test checking proposal of temporary works, junction layout and intersection layout, etc.
  • Test check of lines and levels during the survey at the site.
  • Selection criteria of surveyors and helpers.
  • System and design control
  • File Management document identification.
  • Upgrading of Knowledge and skill standardization and upgrading of equipment and instruments secured and safe IT and CADD.
  • Feedback from clients on the site.

  • Health, Safety and Environment Policy

    ORIMAN maintains strict adherence to Health, Safety and Environment policy in the work environment while providing service to the customer.

    Safety policy All necessary safety equipments, as considered adequate, shall be available for use on site. All equipments are maintained in a condition suitable for immediate use. ORIMAN takes adequate steps to ensure proper use of such equipments:
  • All technicians at site shall be provided with adequate equipments like safety helmets and yellow/ orange jackets. Technicians and workers working during night are provided with fluorescent yellow jackets and reflective ropes.
  • Safe means of access shall be provided at all sites.
  • Sufficient precautions shall be taken to prevent danger from electrical equipments. No materials on any of the sites will be stacked or placed which can cause danger/ inconvenience to any worker or to general public.
  • Provide all necessary flags to protect the general public from while accidents while working on road.
  • All relevant steps should be taken to prevent danger to technicians & workers employed, from risk of fire or explosion or flooding.
  • When work is performed near any place where there is risk of drowning all necessary equipment shall be provided and kept ready for use. All necessary steps taken or prompt first aid treatment of all injuries likely to be sustained during the course of work.
  • To ensure effective enforcement of the rules and regulations related to safety precautions and arrangements made.


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