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Railway Track Installation

Railway Track Installation

Electromagnetic ground conductivity surveys (EM surveys) are rapidly becoming an essential part of improving farm performance and future development. The EM-31 can be used to measure soil conductivity to a depth of up to 4 metres, which in turn provides information such as:

  • Suitability of area for development
  • Detecting soil salinity
  • Location of groundwater monitoring devices
  • Location of sites for soil sampling
  • Suitability of sites for water storages
  • Detection of seepage areas in drains, channels and storages
  • Survey of embankments to assess compaction properties
  • Collection of soil data for property and catchment planning
  • Locating buried services, tanks, drums etc.
  • Groundwater contamination and landfill studies as well as groundwater resource evaluations
  • The EM-31 is mounted on a 4-wheel motorbike and is equipped with GPS to enable accurate plotting of the machine position. The data is downloaded onto a computer and is used in conjunction with other data to produce an apparent conductivity map (sub-soil salinity map). Property boundaries and infrastructure details are added and the image can be overlayed onto a topographic map or aerial photograph to allow easier identification of problem areas. Using GPS co-ordinates from the map, particular problem areas or those requiring further investigation can be accurately located and monitored.


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