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Land / Topographic Surveys

Land Topographic Survey

Topographical surveys are surveys that show all the physical features of a tract of land. They can also have contouring shown. When contouring is shown it allows the user to calculate drainage and/or run-off of the site. These surveys are normally used by engineers, architects and managers to plan for areas of future development (schools, churches, existing plant sites, shopping centers, service stations, truck terminals and warehouse facilities, etc).

ORIMAN ENGINEERING SERVICES carry out a range of topographic surveys. A land survey for a one-off house would be relatively straightforward. For example, where a topographic survey for an infrastructural project would generally follow quite a strict client specification.

The field data is then downloaded into the latest Digital Terrain Mapping Program (DTM), where the traverse closures are checked and then processed into a 2D plan or a 3D model. From this information, accurate CAD drawings, volume calculations and contouring can be produced. The survey information can also be exported into other DTM programs such as MX Genio & PDS Formats.

Topographical land surveys or geomatics, as it is becoming known, are carried out with the use of the latest Leica Instrumentation linked to full keyboard data logging equipment for fast and accurate data collection. All of our instruments have the facility of remote surveying with the use of a non contact laser for those hard to reach places.

We generally encourage our clients (or their advisors) to provide us with a survey specification of some sort as this ensures that all the required data is gathered and presented in a format that is instantly useful to them. Once we have provided a topographic survey for a client once, we can set up a template for that client so that subsequent surveys are similarly formatted and presented.

In the survey specification the issues that would be addressed would include; the required accuracy of the survey, whether a particular grid system is to be employed, the features that are to be surveyed, and the manner in which data is to be presented.

The GPS and 1 Man Robotic Instrumentation can also be utilised in the production of asset surveys and GIS data collection, which can then be analysed with the latest in GIS mapping software (MapInfo Pro).

All our Instruments are calibrated by ISO 9002 Registered centres.


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