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Tunnel Survey

Tunnel Survey

Tunnel construction sites are often vast. Apart from a competent technical execution of our work, experience, anticipation and factors often not valued as important, are also taken into consideration.

Technical Survey Tasks
  • A priori calculations (accuracy analysis)
  • Base networks
  • Support of the tunnel drilling machine guidance system
  • Production control
  • Staking out, setting out
  • Cross section measurements
  • Laser checks
  • Deformation measurements both manual and automated
  • Preparation and installation of survey consoles, etc.
  • Design and implementation of measuring systems for special purposes

  • Administration and Experience
  • Technical project management for the surveying work
  • Administrative project management for the survey work
  • Competent partner for all aspects of surveying
  • Attending the interests of the surveying on major construction sites in order to optimise the construction program
  • Competent and professional communication in line with the project organisation towards the owner, construction management, contractor, surveyor, etc.
  • ORIMAN's social working conditions, personnel management and adherence to legal employment regulations, are contributing factors in keeping the fluctuations in staff at an overall low. This means that site-specific information and knowledge is retained within the company for longer. The many years of experience that our employees possess are extremely valuable for this part of the survey work.


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