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OrimanSurvey and Engineering Pvt.Ltd,

ORIMAN ENGINEERING SERVICES was established in 2008 in Orissa. It has been operating having the status of UTKAL SURVEY LINE since 1995-2008. Since that time the company has expanded its operations. The company is still headquartered in Orissa but has a modern well equipped office in Mumbai & New Delhi. ORIMAN is dedicated to addressing your surveying needs in a manner that exceeds expectations.

The Company provides consulting services in the fields of carrying out detailed Topographical Survey, Detailed Route Survey For Pipe Line, Tunnel Survey, Road survey, Irrigation survey, Construction Setting Out, Soil Resistivity Survey And Cadastral Survey, Setting Outs Job For Infrastructure Development Works & 3D monitoring. It uses the latest technology and has qualified professional staff with a wide range of experience.


Construction Setting Out / Topography Survey / Quantity Survey

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

The setting out and the construction surveying are the core competencies of OMSE. Besides the highly specialized Construction Setting Out advance surveying, OMSE provides all surveying services for all types of construction works. Whether you are building a power station, a road or a residential complex or want to build a private single-family house – OMSE is your competent partner.

D.M.R.C. Delhi

Alignment centre line marking on Soffit of property deck area at Khyber Pass Depot. Clearly visible painted in black colour continues line. Centerline of turnout and cross over marked clearly indicating the toe points, marking of chainage at 25m intervals on Soffit of property deck painted in Red colour.

Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd.

Fixed control points along the proposed alignment, marking of the control point alignment at every 3.5 meters/ gauge frame location, marking the offset of centre line at every 7 metres in straight & curve, offset in every 3.5 metres, leveling by digital level & as built for tunnel rail line, fixing alignment at yard, casting concrete pillars, fixing control points, leveling with auto & digital level.


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